The DELETE button


This morning, I set out on sending an e-mail to one of my employers. I was in a dilemma as I confused myself with the decision to make the mail formal or informal (seeing as we are friends and it wasn’t exactly formal). I started out with a rather relaxed tone, typed out six sentences and attached a document. Just before I clicked on the ‘send’ button, I decided to change what I had typed. That is when I found the best button ever created on any device; the DELETE button. As I deleted the text I had taken time to type, I thought to myself how life would be if we had a DELETE button for our daily activities.

My mind delved into a new realm of thought, where the possibilities of endless ‘second chances’ existed. A world of no mistakes; actually a world of corrected mistakes. Imagine if you could delete a conversation you just had with your boss that didn’t go well. Imagine if you could delete ‘your boss firing you’. Think about the possibilities. Immediately, my perversions took me the thought of marrying any woman I wanted in the entire world. Yeah right!! You can re-think that, it’s alright. Lol. This world as it is, is already filled with limitless possibilities. 


But wait! Do we need a delete button? I know how sometimes we wish we hadn’t said something or done something, or even done it a little differently. How we sometimes wish we could delete or go back just 1 minute to undo something. Well picture this: what do you think your boss would be deleting as you wished you could delete his firing? Would the ‘other’ person delete anything about your edit? Would they delete your deletion? As perfect as the idea sounds, I think it would be a disastrous calamity to behold in a world with no errors. The battle of conflicted interests, mischief, over-familiarity, and the like, stand in our way of a sane world, in a situation like that.

Our world now, as chaotic as it may seem is actually just fine. As humans as we are, we will always complain about everything. Even though sometimes we wish we could go back, if we actually got to go back, we would never go forward! Think about it and make the best of every minute, so you don’t wish to DELETE any moment!



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